September 26, 2010

I am a receiver of second hand awards

Claire, whom you all know to find here has given me a hand-me-down award which is webspeak for a socially acceptable game of internet tag. I am supposed to tell seven things about myself and then find seven people worthy of the same treatment. I am no mathematician but if I do this, and Claire has done this (she has not! She gave the award to four people) and the person who gave it to her did it (he did) and so on and so forth, the entire world's population will have received the same award within 68 hrs and since they must continue forwarding the award once they get it from another than the original person whom sent it this will result in an infinite loop that will end civilization as we know it. I am going to put a stop to this madness right now! I will give you seven things and then send the award onwards, NOT!

1. I thought the word "mathematician" was spelled mathmetician.
2. I wrote a children's prayer that goes like this:
I hope and pray each and every day
that my heart be strong
even when I am wrong
and that life be fair 
to those that know me and care

3. When I dream of falling I can feel the real sensation in the pit of my stomach so strongly that I wake up from that and not from any fear of falling.
4. If we are truly open to see and listen, everything that we need to learn in this life will be shown to you, but don't think for a moment that it will be a pleasant experience. Nothing that comes easy has much value.
5. I believe in true love. I also believe that the moon landing may have been faked so go figure.
6. I don't have any particular feelings of sympathy toward the number "6".
7. I don't think anyone caught on to the fact that I wrote recently that Segev had apparently, after twelve years, somehow, begun to react to visual stimuli.

*Bonus: it took me two readings of what Claire wrote about me before I understood that she was complementing me. *blush*


  1. Eric...#4 indeed! Yes...I noticed what you said about Segev...I await more news, or was it coincidence? I would never knowingly insult you Eric, but let it be known that it would never take two readings of one of my posts to figure out if I was. Oh...and I enjoyed your math.

  2. #4 is very profound, and very true.
    #7 - many times I read blogs on my iPhone while I'm holding and tube-feeding Izzy, which prevents me from commenting right away. And if I don't comment right away, there is a very good chance that it will drop out of my steadily shrinking brain. Like when I read that you taught Segev to stick his tongue out, I was dying to ask you how you did it, but I just never got around it. I'm a crappy blog-friend.

  3. Better crappy blog-friend than no friend at all.