December 30, 2010

At the drop of your hat in the bucket

ripple  by Noa Fischer

Last night was a little less of the same; Segev slept better but still not normally as he coughed and choked his way through the night. In the evening yesterday he had a large seizure requiring oxygen and after that faded into unconsciousness and I put him to bed. This morning as well, his uncoordinated breathing continued but his lungs have been sounding 'whistle' clean, despite the continuous phlegm being brought up. Then at 09.00 he suddenly became drowsy, his breathing more shallow and noisy, though better coordinated, his face red despite having no fever and he stopped reacting to any stimulus. 

The inhalation went well before nine and I was hopeful (testing fate once again) the bad case of vomiting earlier in the week would not lead to aspiration pneumonia. Wishes may be stars that shine down upon us, but apparently their function is limited to letting us know how many wishes there are. By 10 the deal was done.

So Segev is ill once again and I must work today with a sense of heaviness, despite having every right to being tired out from 48 hours of caring for him non-stop; I wish I could do more.


  1. I would doubt that god could do more if she tried...wishing you a good night's rest, also the same for Segev.

  2. I hope Segev is improved today and that you have had some rest since you wrote this post. ((()))