December 17, 2010

Heartbreak Hotel

 If any of you feel that your heart is breaking, let me tell you something; it will heal in time before the next opportunity arises.

Today Segev is not with me so besides three telephone conversations, one to my son, one to my daughter and one to Segev's mother inquiring as to his status, I went to see him at his mother's. The sun was out and he was on the porch, sitting in his old wheelchair, the one I recently renovated.
He didn't react to me. I asked how long he's been like that, my mind racing, 'blood pressure? blood sugar? ketosis? cold?'. I checked his legs all the while talking to Segev in an effort to get a reaction, they were snug and warm with a hot water bottle.
"He was fine until a moment ago".  I didn't like the answer but I know why. I know my mother is recovering from her g-tube placement yesterday and the physician postponed her release because of severe pain she is experiencing.

Segev wouldn't respond and i simply felt my heart breaking. Bad timing.

After a few minutes I decided to call it quits and looked forward to tomorrow when he is back with me, promising myself that he won't get off so lightly then.

this is what I want


  1. You are carrying so much. Segev, your Mom... I'm praying that your Mom recovers quickly and her pain be relieved. And I'm hoping that you get lots of bright smiles from beautiful Segev tomorrow. If anybody, you deserve it.

  2. I can only echo Erika's comment. ((()))