December 16, 2010

Scenes of compassion: 4665

There is a law. I did not dream up this law, merely point out its existence. Some of you have felt this law imposed upon you and suffered for it. The consequences of this law are directly and inversely related in proportion to your full-out desire to oppose this law.
The law is:

When the tide turns toward the light, even for just a moment in time, a shadow falls.

photo by Noa Fischer

Segev had trouble breathing yesterday but we enjoyed each others' company. He smiled hugely when i precipitated a "scratch attack" on his arms and shoulders and back. He didn't vocalize but his awareness was acute and his obvious reaction of happiness was matched in intensity only by the severity of the two massive seizures he had in the evening, necessitating complete sedation.


  1. Wow, a real living brilliance in those eyes and a love in that smile.....

  2. Qué bella foto! Su mirada es muy tierna!