December 28, 2010

If it's not raining why is it pouring?

Segev got to the surgeon yesterday but considering the dramatic interaction he has had with that man, the meeting hardly turned into a reunion of any sort. The bottom line is that for the problem of irritation that Segev suffers because his ribcage has expanded beyond the proportion normally allotted, there is no solution other than to have him in less of an upright position. If the irritation becomes severe then surgery will be discussed. Concerning the leakage from the hole in his stomach, around the PEG, I am to call the surgeon tomorrow and he will see if there is a larger size to be found; the manufacturer's website doesn't list such but he seems to feel there might be a channel open to him.

While making some squash and pumpkin soup, Segev next to me in his chair, recieving a bolus of food every twenty minutes or so, through the kitchen window I could see a car park in the driveway; I thought, wrong address or they want to know if they can do some landscaping in the garden, as I never get visitors.

Earlier today I was thinking, wow, I actually have a few bucks in my wallet and I'll probably be able to pay my utility bills on time this month. 
I'm still not sure of the legalese but the man either came to possess Segev's minivan or I was not allowed to drive anymore because of a two year old parking ticket. One that should never have been given since where I parked is explicitly allowed with a handicapped permit. I even spoke to the traffic clark minutes after he issued me the ticket. "You can't stand just anywhere, you know" was his response. This happens often here; tickets are issued for a variety of infractions that the officer knows is illegal but the system succeeds because of idiots like me who just let it slide. I'd have to take a day off and go to Tel Aviv to take care of it and every time I said to myself I should, but never did. I paid the fine,two hundred dollars  including costs and interest. "I'll write them a letter", I said to him as he left. "I don't care what you do", he answered back.

Ten minutes later, I heard a crash of broken glass and looked out into the yard from the balcony where I sat with Segev getting some fresh air. They are building a house next to me but I knew that they hadn't started installing windows yet.
My kitchen window, second floor, broke in half and the top part, fell out. Underneath that window is usually where Sanji, my 16 year old spaniel mix sleeps during the day, fortunately she was in the dog house at the bottom of the stairs.

I cut apart an old computer screen dust guard and glued it onto the window frame. If i was not the envy of the neighbours before, I certainly am now.

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  1. Awh geez. I'm so sorry, Eric! I guess you just didn't have enough on your plate. Sometimes I wish crap was more evenly distributed in the world. Or rather, if there was less crap to go around.