January 30, 2011

One Moment

There are only a few minutes now to write but I will try to update from hospital if the situation allows.

On the television hovering over the entrance to the shared room, now filled to over capacity with five children, people are watching tensely as the events in Egypt unfold.

Segev began to wake up, which should not be happening while under sedation. My mind works as follows: something is wrong, what is it? I looked at several possibilities. The day before yesterday the same thing occurred and was due to the fact that two drugs were rund on the same iv, one an open flow and one a slow continuous drip. In the battle to enter the vein, guess which one dominates in such a situation? There was backflow preventing the sedation from entering his veins. I caught on to that but yesterday they had already established a second iv site (the fourth one since wednesday morning) so that couldn't be it. Scanning Segev's arm I could see, with difficulty because of the bandaging, that his arm was swollen: after finally getting hold of the doctor via the nurse she concurred that 2 + 2 = 4. She then proceeded to place an new iv site high up on his forearm, exactly where you would grab his arm in automatic fashion when Segev begins flailing and then nearly pulled out the iv herself because of her coarse coordination, being stopped by the attentive nurse assisting her who had the same line of sight I had and reacted before I could exclaim more than, "careful!"
Then the young doctor proceeded to try and remove the old blocked iv by pulling on the heavy duty tape on Segev's hand. She pulled sideways, instead of gingerly holding the iv in place with counter pressure and tore, albeit a tiny, hole in his hand, that immediately began to pump blood, despite being a vein. After ten minutes of applying pressure it was still bleeding so I sat with one hand holding the blood in, allowing it to congeal while I continued suction and oxygen with the other hand.

Out of time. 


  1. ((())) Sometimes there are no words...

  2. Looking outside at the sunny Los Angeles day, a world away but still with you.

  3. Praying for you two. I agree, no words they all seem so trivial. Prayers and Healing White Light.