January 04, 2013

without any doubt

I'm very angry. "At what?" you might ask. Nothing. Everything. "Oh, that kind of angry." *frowns*

But I did write this:

Fare strong and thee well

Less quiet than not I sip the sand
as I tumble, pressed by an unseen hand.

The stars’ gaze, unseen ways,
forgotten paths, barely surpass
the flow of ebb
what the Creator has.

My sorrow is seen and trotted about,
amid laughter aglean without any doubt.

A vessel of birth sliding creaking its birch.
That man made abode absconds life’s golden perch.

My dear friend how can I find what’s never been found?
When you will speak the words without sound.

All the end that we must see,
without catching a glimpse of who we must be.

Fare strong and thee well,
truth found, on bright ocean quell.

©2013 Eric Fischer All rights reserved. No unauthorized use or transmission.


  1. I for one would never ask "At What?"

    Yes, there is much good that comes out of this life we live as "extreme parents", but there is much to loathe as well.

    You are in my thoughts.

  2. Beautiful and sad. Thinking of you and Segev and your other children. Hugs.

  3. Seconding Ann's comments...

  4. Anger is not always bad but can be the catalyst for the deepest levels of expression and creativity,,,,