June 24, 2013

The times

His eyes do not search mine for answers, that bitter sweet approach, though my heart aches gladly at the thought that questions occupy his mind. Instead it is myself with blank stare opposite overwhelming answers from his endless eyes.

There are times when words are the least of our worries, when we concern ourselves with the finite and tremble.

June 18, 2013


So many years on my part of not watching television (I don't own one), never listening to radio and newspapers frivolously scanned for headlines while waiting for coffee to-go and  the further censoring of information by directed and specific searches on the internet and yet the writing is clearly on the wall.

"Stick to individual things", was some good advice I was given lately. I  was told to compartmentalize in order to counteract that natural inclination of mine to make connections between disparate issues all the time.  A kind of anti-reductionism, if you will. But being an intuitive this makes perfect sense since intuition is about what is around the corner, out of sight, working on the puzzle with islands of pieces instead of dutifully building the linear edge first.

June 12, 2013

When you can't come to the rescue

Taking care of my son in 48 hour shifts (it used to be more) is not only draining because he can never leave my sight and there are such a multitude of tasks to perform but especially so because the pauses in between, when I can sit with him idly, are short and irregular and thus do not allow for continuity of normal deed or thought.

June 05, 2013

This account

The days of our lives

that naturally present a certain measure of dullness as in between providing moments of physical and medical therapy, playful moments, dramatic moments and the inane seizures which come irregularly, without warning but with me ever at the side of my son, diligent, ever ready, you consider your changing (evolving?) identity.