July 21, 2013

Running on empty

This is more or less how things went.
In 2006 I lobbied a neurosurgeon to implant a vagal nerve stimulator in my son in order to attempt to better control his myriad seizures. The ketogenic diet then was in its infancy here in Israel. As a matter of fact when I had approached a pediatric neurologist on the matter his answer had been, “well if you want to occupy yourself with voodoo, you are on your own.”

July 12, 2013

With notice

When I go to sleep at night I cannot throw my clothes into the laundry basket or put them down in simple disarray,
But place them well within grasp, separate and on display.
For the call can come at any hour to bring about the task,
That moment of eternity, while I drink its empty flask.
A few simple words hushed, rattling  the mind with increasing urgency,
dread arises and with a flash I am up, “come quickly, it’s an emergency.”