December 29, 2014

I, the judge

This post was originally planned for publication here on the 18th of November 2013 as a farewell to blogging. I offered it as a guest post to 'Bloom' blog where it was released in somewhat simplified form.  Here is the original entry.

I have to wonder sometimes at the audacity with which we are judged by others. Of course it happens to us each day and we are even guilty of it ourselves but nowhere can it be more alarming then when we feel our children’s very lives judged because they are severely disabled. As a parent providing round the clock care for my son for over fifteen years there are many constants in what has become our tiny, nearly hermetic life. Unfortunately judgment is one of them.

November 09, 2014

The narrow passage


Each moment with Segev is special to me, though I find my mind wandering more often to fantasies of an easier life, mostly as I drive to house calls,  trying to provide pain relief for others as physical therapist.

I feel gutted that these fantasies don’t include my son.  I don’t dream of taking him to the park, to the beach or to visit a local ice cream parlor. When I fantasize about traveling, of going on a vacation, I don’t imagine taking him with me, to look at the sites, visit friends or family, as though i would be carefully watching his wonderment at the diversity of experiences to be had.

October 27, 2014

The night air

Do you know what I discovered tonight? That you can love someone so much that, as they are suffering deeply, you hold yourself back in fully living that love and the realization hits you that it is because of the fear that your love is somehow inadequate.

Anthology of poetry

The expanded, second edition of the Anthology of poetry is now available for purchasing online.

April 23, 2014

Collected works of poetry on severe disability

The new book is available!  The anthology of poems is a labor of love, sweat and tears and  I would appreciate everyone's support since this directly helps with the caring for Segev. 

The book can be purchased here ( preferred) or on Amazon.