April 23, 2011


To me this is the stuff of legends: a family goes back to China to revisit stemcell therapy for their daughter who has an incurable, fatal disease. Stemcell therapy is in its infancy stage but this family has already seen positive effects on their daughter. They are not selling anything, trying to convince others to put up money or follow in their footsteps. These are intelligent people who understand they are prolonging the inevitable. There are no unrealistic goals or hoping for a miracle. They are trying. The fact is, and this is not a comment on those that don't, but they are trailblazing and the fact is that others will benefit from their journey, even if theirs turns out to be a failure. We all gain from this knowledge through their sharing of their adventure.

You can read about the journey, starting here



  1. Wow. Thank you for posting about this extraordinary family. I've been scrolling through their blog for the last half hour and have bookmarked them. So beautiful --

  2. Thanks for sharing this family's blog. I've added it under the section for blogs relating to disability at the autism blogs directory.