July 18, 2012

Update about an oak

The great oak of your youth stood thrashing in the wind with bold infirmity giving neither inkling nor inclination to break that bond of innocence as you watched season after season storm after storm always watching the silent oak mesmerizing time with its obedience and fortitude giving certitude and continuity that strength which you siphoned not knowing as you grew older that the final storm to find one day unwitnessed an act of God perplexing but broken having stood long enough to endure your mind and strengthen your soul, that oak of your youth.  - Eric Fischer

After 48 hours with Segev it is time to bring him to his mother and use the day to run errands, after a bit of sleep, perhaps exercise. Do you remember the video of Segev arriving? After I have carried him to the car and my daughter stays with him it's time to bring down the wheelchair:


From Facebook (today):

The evening brought more trouble as his oxygen dipped under 90% despite supplementation. Literally hours of physio therapy in addition to the nebulizer, suctioning, oils and herbal supplements did nothing to increase his breathing.

Then at 03.00 in the morning his level dipped to 84%. More physiotherapy which lasted 45 minutes, increasing the oxygen to 5 liters on the condenser resulted in it buckling under the 33 C heat in the house and I resorted to keeping it at 4 liters and adding 2 liters of pure O2 but still it wouldn't cross over 89%

Finally air could be heard entering and exiting his left lung and he coughed, which I suctioned vigorously and his oxygen went back to 94%. During the rest of the night it continued to dip and rise, sounding the alarm.
Then, after the morning physio session and nebulizer, this:

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  1. I would hope that the amount of time sleeping far exceeds the amount of time devoted to errands and exercise (although exercise is probably a good thing); not that I have much experience is that area. Hopefully, Segev stats are stable and will continue so....