October 31, 2012

Dance of St.Vitus

Several moments
Darting eyes
Staring foment
Wanton cries

Stiffened intent
Cascading surge
Consciousness rent
Electric purge

Quiet sob
Relenting sigh
Flickering orb
Nature's lie


  1. Theses descriptive words are so powerful and visual. The condition is so clearly defined. The reality so succinctly portrayed.

  2. Eric,
    Please elaborate what you are saying in your last blog. Yesterday was Halloween but due to Hurricane Sandy in the NY Metro-area, we had more tricks then treats. Tricks for you and Segev?
    I certainly hope that you are not saying what I think you are saying.

    1. Melanie I'm sorry if there has been confusion, the poem above is a description of a St. Vitus dance, an archeic name for a seizure. It is to be included in part two of 'little job's book of broken poems'. Ihope this clears it up.