December 28, 2012

"Gone away"

Gone-away is a hill christened by me, an attempt to create a bridge between a mythical yet real place for my kids. When Segev was born, living in the hospital it was decided that i would do the research to help Segev and his mother would care for him in hospital. Each morning i brought my other two children to kindergarten passing by this hill and we would listen to Joanne Shenandoah sing "yakolihun". My daughter, just three, asked me what is she saying and I said "Gone away."
"What's gone-away Daddy?" she asked.
"That is the place, like that hill there, where you can go to and be alone and think of far-away places."
I've always promised myself I will take the kids, with Segev to the top of that hill, to celebrate his birthday.

From the post "You are dying of thirst" published August 24, 2010

'Gone away' is still there.

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