January 11, 2011

This is how we roll

Segev has very poor lung function. After having attended to Segev for 48 hours, sleeping altogether 8 hours, I rested for one hour and set off to do a series of six house calls, covering 300 kms of driving. Segev's mum "was feeling better" and so I let him sleep the night there. The call  to rush over in the early hours, from my eldest, was expected. Next time and every time I will listen exclusively to my intuition as it has yet to fail me.
Every day it all gets written down. Here is yesterday and this morning:

06.15      375mg Paracetamol + Tamiflu               25cc
06.30      vomited
06.40      inhalation budicort, terbulin, aerovent, 23% saline
              125mg paracetamol
07.10      39.3°C
07.25      water                                                    30cc
07.35      38.5°C
08.50      37.5°C
09.05      Meds (lamotrigine, Keppra, Ospolot)       40cc
09.30      Vomited
10.00       38.1°C
10.30       Physiotherapy
               Massage eucalyptus oil, Homeopathy      40cc
11.20       Tea   (plain black)                                  70cc
                blood sugar:  136
12.05       Inhalation (meds)
                Tea                                                      50cc
12.30       Failed BM
13.10       Ketogenic meal
13.30       Vomited        
               Begin oxygen supplementation (sat. O² 88%) 4 liters
13.45       Physiotherapy  R9
14.15       meds (AED's) + Tamiflu                         20cc
14.45       250mg paracetamol                                40cc
15.30       Tea                                                       70cc
15.50       Inhalation + R9  Physiotherapy
16.10-      Food
17.00       Failed BM
1710        37.7°C
18.50       Vomited
19.10       38.3°C
19.40       Water                                                    70cc
19.55       Paracetamol  325 mg                               30cc
20.00       inhalation (meds) + R9  Physiotherapy
21.00       38°C
21.30       Meds (AED)                                           40cc
22.30       Tamiflu                                                   20cc
00.00-      Suctioning (over 20 times) Physiotherapy (2x)
06.00        position change etc.
02.00       Inhalation
04.00       Paracetamol
07.20       Inhalation (meds) + physiotherapy
07.35       Meds + mucolit + Tamiflu + R9               100cc
08.30       Failed BM
09.00       Food
09.15       Paracetamol


  1. (((hugs)) and thinking of you and Segev.

  2. As I follow you through your day all I can say is that it is a pure act of love! I send you my warmest regards and the most positive of intention.

  3. Yes, ditto Erika. Hang in there -- I send good wishes, prayers, strength and courage your way --