February 02, 2011


I arrived home with Segev at 12.30, a little late as I had a chance to speak to the pediatric lung specialist who was by chance checking in on Said's boy before his procedure to cauterize his trach and whom I have been in contact with on and off over the years, about a lung vest for Segev and its availability here in Israel.

After less than three hours home Segev began a cycle of vomiting and urinating blood. The vomiting came within a few minutes of anything entering his stomach via the g-tube, even 10 cc's of water. Is it a neurological cyclical vomiting? I don't know and apparently there's not much to do about it.

More suffering for Segev. After several hours of this and trying to keep Segev's anti epileptic medications in his stomach long enough for some absorption to occur it was time to head back to hospital via the emergency room. Against my better judgment there was no ambulance this time.

Once there we were neglected as Segev continued his vomiting, depleted of fluids since the last thing he held down was some water at two o'clock in the afternoon.

At two o'clock in the morning, after three hours in ER, we were finally admitted to the same ward we left that morning.

I spoke to Said on the phone, his son had a complete heart block at the beginning of the procedure and is on a respirator in pediatric intensive care, his body cooled to 34 degrees celsius to preserve as much neurological function as possible since the resuscitation took eight minutes.

I spent the remainder of the time suctioning Segev every half hour as the vomiting continued throughout the night  and until I left hospital at ten o'clock to get some sleep. Now with three hours of sleep under my belt and some food in my belly I will try and manage a few things about the house and in the hospital, by remote, until I take up my post at ten.


  1. I posted a comment earlier but it didn't appear. I am thinking about you and your boy, hoping.

  2. Fubar indeed. ((((White Light and Love))).

  3. Double FUBAR!! I must be getting very old, as I had to look up the word in wikipedia. Frankly, I feel stupid, but that's for another time. My family sends you continued light, warm wishes and a hope for some respite from this relentless attack. Segev is in our thoughts many times a day...

  4. I am very sorry to hear this and pray that things take a positive turn for Segev soon.

  5. Prayers for Segev and for Said and his son.