February 03, 2011


There is no more clarity in Segev's condition now but there are positive developments. Segev was very dehydrated of course from the continuous vomiting over the space of nearly 20 hours. Because the dehydration already started in hospital, (he vomited first time monday evening before the tuesday morning release) despite intravenous fluids, we could have saved a lot of suffering and the detrimental effect to Segev's health if he had not been released.
His dehydration was severe and now thursday morning he is starting to at least react again, complain and the vomiting has become significantly less. On the other hand he hasn't had any nourishment in his stomach for over 48 hours. Momentarily I will hear the latest blood test results and this, coupled with the fact that he had a bowel movement (after repeated attempts at stimulation according his regular method) will determine if we are to begin giving him something to nourish his depleted body.

I would be going crazy undergoing what he does. Just looking at the physical suffering that he is able to bear is mindboggling. He does not even cry any longer when he has an intravenous line inserted into his fragile veins. He has had four in one arm and three in the other, plus separate veins for ad hoc blood tests.

I've had a little bit more luck in communicating with the physicians which I welcome, even having an impromptu personal chat with one in the middle of the night where I was able to articulate a little bit the importance of perception and dedication in caring for Segev. 

At the end of the day this experience reaffirms my belief that craziness love, strength, dedication and sensitivity will get you very far but that you also need luck. Several staff are marveling at the 'luck' that Segev is so unbelievably strong. How much more can he take, though, is a question I have come to ask both of myself and publicly.

It is too soon to tell if he is improving and I cannot say I have a good feeling about this but in all fairness my intuition, when burdened with such fatigue as only two hours of sleep throughout the night will bring, is most likely not functioning.  Never the less I am not occupied with dark thoughts, only practicalities for the moment.

I have kissed Segev a million times and passed on all the wishes for well being he has received from you all. He has quieted down in my arms and I stand over him watching him sleep, with only wonderment in my eyes.


  1. Hug and Kiss him some more for us here in CA, and may God be with you I continue to pray for you both♥

  2. Following and sending warmest wishes

  3. Clearly, he has a purpose and wants to be here. You are both marvels -- and it is officially the Year of the Rabbit in Chinese parlance -- the luckiest year. May it continue to be so for Segev.

    Sleep, for you, is in order.

  4. Stay strong!

    I hope to hear more positive developments.

  5. When it's cold and windy you put on a hat and scarf; I'm feeling very exposed to the "elements of life" and trying to find what will keep me warm.
    Thank you for the comments.