February 03, 2013


The beauty of these pictures for me is firstly that my daughter took all of them and that I can see how, by example and nature, she has developed as a person, now 18 years old, ready to change the world as we always are at that age, growing up here in the village with extensive exposure to nature. To see how she is taking steps to become more involved in cultivating this connection she feels, with a year's volunteer work in a nature preserve in the desert after her matriculation exams.
So despite the difficulties of being a father to a girl who is suddenly 'all grown up', while being so focused on her little brother Segev; despite the misunderstandings and emotions of the teenage years, despite the fear of my own shortcomings and the dysfunction which once in a while seems to spark a discordant tone in our already chaotic family life, I am made proud to see her interest in photography continue. And strangely, this pride makes me hopeful. I don't know whether it is the sentiment of youthful energy directed in a positive way, which inevitably drives our future, or that some change has overcome me and I am once again beginning to see a return of the joy in little things, as once I was enamored of photography and nature long ago, and a feeling that these photographs are somehow connected to my future.

Noa Fischer
lightly filtered


Pere fighting with leaves


  1. Really beautiful! Such talent!

  2. GORGEOUS! Isnt it amazing the feelings that nature can inspire in us. thx for sharing the beauty and joy!

  3. Those are wonderful, and so is the effect your daughter's vision has on you.

  4. Very cool -- it's wonderful to hear about your daughter's art and the joy in your voice is evident.

  5. A very proud father celebrating the just rewards of many years of hard work and commitment....

  6. Fantastic pictures. It's rewarding when we see our children enjoy and master something we too enjoyed. It's also nice to focus on the gifts our other children bring into our lives.

    1. I think I'm finding out that it is essential to recognize those gifts of the other children, something, apparently, I have lost sight of.